Video: Body Weight Workout at Home for Beginners. Відео: Комплекс Вправ з Вагою Свого Тіла в Домашніх Умовах.

We all know to achieve a body of your dream you have to eat clean and stay active. Yes, you can lose weight by managing your diet but in order to get a toned body you'll have to exercise.
Some people enjoy to train at gym, and some simply prefer the comfort of their own house. Both options are great. There are pros and cons to each one.
Today's post is for those people who would like to train at home. I've created a workout that doesn't require weights. Your body weight is completely enough to feel the intensity and see the progress. This Body Weight Workout is suitable for beginners, as long as you proceed carefully, by reducing a number of repeats if needed, and listen to your body constantly. No rush!