Blueberries and Ginger Overnight Oatmeal. Вівсянка "Через Ніч": Чорниці та Імбир

When I was about 17 years old, I found in one of my mom's books a recipe, which said Beauty Oatmeal from France in it's headline. Very simple recipe promised you to look your best by eating overnight oatmeal. Following the instructions, you had to add boiled water to oats in the evening and, then eat them the next morning.
I liked the simplicity of the recipe and, for years, Beauty Oatmeal has been one of my favorite breakfast options. Sometimes, I would add shredded apple, honey and cinnamon to enrich the taste.
Now, almost twenty years later, I still enjoy my overnight oatmeal but the recipe became a bit advanced, thanks to my profession as Fitness Nutritionist. I've added healthy fats, such as chia seeds and nuts, and I've added protein, Greek yogurt. As final result, I have a complete meal that is rich in fiber, has balanced macronutrients and tastes delicious. Oh, did I forget to mention, it takes only 10 minutes to make.