Banana Spirulina Protein Smoothie. Протеїнове Бананове Смузі зі Спіруліною.

This is actually one of my favorite smoothies. Made from frozen bananas, based on plant milk, rich in protein and sweetened by dates, it is a wonderful refuel after intense training.
I've already posted this smoothie before in my blog. This time, I offer less sweet variation. Plus, I share nutrition facts.

You can add more dates if you like your smoothie to be sweeter. Or, simply, skip dates at all, if you watch your carb consumption throughout the day.
By adding spiulina, you not just improve the taste, change the color of your smoothie, you also consume lots of additional nutrients your body will thank you for. The list includes protein, vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and iron. Plus, antioxidants.